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Dot Girl Products Wholesale Information

Dot Girl Products welcomes wholesale inquiries. 

If you wish further information please use our 'Contact Us' page or call Kathy Pickus at 425-879-3995.

Primary Target Market

- Mothers and grandmothers of tween-aged girls

- Fathers who are raising 2.5 million children, many of them
girls, as a single parent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau

- 93% of mothers are influenced to some extent by other moms’

- 50% of mothers make recommendations about brands daily
or weekly*

- 21% of mothers make brand recommendations at least
monthly *

- 83% of mothers make recommendations in person compared
to 53% online*

*The Mom Next Door: Why and How Moms Make Recommendations, a Study by the 360PR MomSquad® and Mom it Forward®, October 2012

Secondary Target Market

- Girls aged 8 to 14 — who are often called “Generation Z”
or “Digital Natives”

- According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, reports show
there were 10,097,332 girls between 10 and 14 years of age

- U.S. Census Bureau reports show an average of 2.1 million
girls born each year during the past decade

- Tweens now flex $43 billion worth of annual spending power,
according to Larissa Faw, Editor, Youth Markets Alert, a trade
newsletter based in New York City (Fox Business, Dec. 2010)