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Disposing of Feminine Hygiene Products

It’s not a subject that is likely to come up with your sisters, co-workers and friends over coffee but it’s an issue that deserves special attention; especially as you pass on your wisdom about menstruation to your daughter.

Some of the anxiety and embarrassment about having a period can be eased by teaching your daughter the proper disposal method in a public restroom, at school, at a friend’s home, at the mall, and her own bathroom. Since the average woman uses 12,000 disposable feminine care products during her lifetime, it is sensible to encourage responsible practices at an early age.

Here are some helpful tips to share:

NEVER flush sanitary products (including tampons) down the toilet. (See below)

Always do your best to wrap up soiled products…do not just drop them in a waste can.

Remember no one else should have to view, smell or handle your discarded products.

Used sanitary items should never be left lying on the floor, even if there is not a disposal unit in the stall of a public restroom.

Immediately wash your hands after discarding sanitary products and using the bathroom.

Can tampons be flushed down the toilet? Though toilets are a convenient and quick way to get rid of unwanted items, all feminine care products, which are made to absorb, should never be flushed into a public or septic sewer system. Though some tampon packages say “flushable,” the reality is that they do not immediately disperse, disintegrate or decompose.

Tampons clog toilets and septic tanks, and contribute to pipe blockages, which lead to unscheduled maintenance calls, time-consuming cleanup and expensive repairs.

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