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What Customers are Saying about The Dot Girl First Period Kit®

Thank you for the materials on your Website. I bought starter Dot Girl kits for my twins last January and use your calendar and return to the site for information from time to time. Dot Girl is our reminder code - 'Do you have your Dot Girl?' Each of them quickly responds and fills it and packs it to go. What a great system for me, and it gives them needed independence.
Thank you! - MaryAnn

I specifically remember getting so stressed out in school when I would get my period. I have always hated carrying a purse, but for that one week a month, I was stuck toting one around. Otherwise, I had no idea where I was going to keep my necessities. Dot Girl Products has made it so much easier for girls today!
- Tre from NonPerfectParenting.com.  Read the rest of the review here

This is a great kit for your little girl who is worried about getting her first period in school when you aren't there to help. It has a great book with questions asked by other girls.
- Jessica H., Amazon.com customer

Delivered before expected delivery date - very pleased!  My daughter thinks it's the coolest thing (as far as this subject matter is concerned anyway). :)
- Joanne R. Amazon.com customer

Forget all that red and pink. Dot Girl First Period Kits are non-nonsense kits for more serious-minded girls. It includes a 20-page question and answer booklet, a period diary, a heating gel pack, pads, disposal bags, and hand wipes. It's as if Eleanor Roosevelt designed this pack.
-Adriana Velex, The Stir

The item arrived before the expected date and it is just adorable. I have not given it to my daughter yet but I know she will love it! 
-Carrie, Amazon.com customer

I was very pleased with this product. Purchased for Granddaughter and my daughter loved it. Recommend to anyone with preteen daughter.
-Kathy K., Amazon.com customer

My 9 yr old daughter and I have gone through the American Girl book, "The Care & Keeping of You," some additional internet info, and "The Dot Girl First Period Kit." This kit is very nice, smallish, well-made, and includes supplies, a heating pad, hand wipes, Q&A booklet & a way track their first year. I can see her refilling the kit and carrying it in her backpack for years. The kit is roughly 5" dia. and 1 1/2" thick. At a recent sleepover, the girls compared the kit with the information in American Girl book. I think this kit is a good healthy way for young girls to be prepared.
- Lucy, Amazon.com customer

A great gift for every tween girl! This sweet and discrete kit has everything she needs if she starts her period when she is away from home. It will give her peace of mind and the confidence to handle herself with grace when her period starts. They won a Mom's Choice Award for this kit, too!
-Amy Lang from Birds + Bees + Kids

The new and improved Dot Girl First Period Kit still contains everything it had before that I appreciated, but now comes with a brighter, snazzier pouch, a year-long period diary, and a hook for hanging in the bathroom or in a school locker. It's also got a larger heating pad and plastic bags (for disposal purposes), along with the other necessities I really liked in the first version.
-Kristen from Cool Mom Picks
Read the rest of her review here: Cool Mom Picks

Dot girl products have been a God send for my grandaughter. Thank you!
- Sally
Missouri City, Texas

I have been consistently pleased with this company. I contacted them by phone last year and they were very helpful. The Dot Girl kit arrived quickly and was exactly as we hoped it would be. The kit is a wonderful, reassuring - very "grown-up" - necessity that I wish had been around forever! Every young girl should have one. Thank you for making this BIG step a lot easier to manage.
- Rebecca
Brooklyn, New York

I ordered this kit and had it delivered to my daughter. When she received it I let her go through it on her own and then we were able to discuss the items in it. This kit helped me to explain in details about menstruating and opened our line of communicating about it also.
Springfield, Illinois

My granddaughter was very anxious about her first period. She was worried about starting away from home and ruining her clothes. I purchased this product so she could be prepared and hoped to relieve her worries. I believed it was just what I needed, because she has not mentioned being worried to me again.

This is a very discreet package and something my daughter can tuck away in drawer and not worry about, The information included is frank and direct, without being overwhelming and is written in a very empowering way. "You can handle this...you really can" is the message I think it sends! Yay Dot Girl!
-Nicole (mother of six)
Wichita, Kansas

This kit was stylish and helpful at the same time. It is something she can drop in her book bag or purse in order to be prepared at any time.
Williamson, Georgia

I love the Dot Girl's First Period Kit! It makes me feel so secure in case one day I get my period in school or anywhere else. It is small enough for me to keep in my purse and my schoolbag and looks like a cosmetic case, not a period kit so no one will know what it is. The Dot Girl's First Period Kit is a great kit and I think that every girl who hasn't gotten their period should get this kit because it will make them feel safe, like it makes me feel.
Acworth, Georgia

I love your product and yes this is my second time ordering, my oldest daughter really enjoyed the Dot girl package and it was a big hit...very informative, and also nice and small and compact. I did some online research about products like yours and companies that provide things like this and there was only one other company that I found that offers something similar to yours....but way more expensive. Yours is very affordable and nice!! Excellent idea!!
Blacklick, Ohio

Talking to my daughter was actually the easy part. The part I thought would be difficult became just as amazingly easy with a HUGE thanks to the Kotex "Dot Girl First Period Kit".
Washingtonville, New York

Very informative for a girl just learning. My daughter is nine. This was informative yet not too graphic for a young girl.
Goshen, Kentucky

Two years ago I was searching for information to use to talk to my granddaughters about their period. I came upon DOT Girls. It was very informative and helpful. My eleven year old started this month (8/2010). It was an easy transition for her. She had her Period Kit and everything she needed. Thank you, thank you, from a very grateful Nana.
Arlington, Texas