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New Indiegogo campaign encourages individuals and organizations to help put The Dot Girl First Period Kit® into the hands of more girls so they feel prepared and confident about their first period.


Mukilteo, Washington - March 10, 2014.  Telling your kids about the birds and bees is difficult enough. But explaining the intricacies of a first period to your daughter may seem even tougher.

That’s where The Dot Girl First Period Kit® saves the day, giving parents and educators the tools necessary to hold a “first period” discussion. Created and manufactured by Dot Girl Products, the attractive kit also includes all of the supplies a girl needs to prepare for and feel confident about her first period.

Now Dot Girl Products plans to put the kits into the hands of as many girls as possible with the launch of an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign that runs from March 18 through April 26th, 2014. By asking individuals and organizations to buy the kits, Dot Girl Products hopes to donate up to 1,200 Dot Girl First Period Kits® to deserving organizations through the campaign.

Getting involved in Dot Girl Products’ Indiegogo campaign is as simple as buying one kit and donating a second one.  Higher donation levels reward donors with free kits and the ability to donate kits to any school or organization the donor chooses. To encourage organizations to get involved, Dot Girl Products is offering an additional co-branding perk with the purchase of a large number of the kits.

Each kit is packed full of useful goodies, including the 20-page Period Answer Book™ which parents and daughters can read together. The Period Answer Book™ also features a diary to help girls track their periods over the first year. Feminine hygiene pads, a reusable gel heating pad to soothe cramps, disposal bags and hand wipes are also included. The contents are packaged in an attractive and discreet neoprene bag that can be refilled each month with feminine hygiene products. 

“By helping support the schools and organizations that teach girls about periods, we help girls feel in control of themselves and their future,” says Kathy Pickus, Owner, Dot Girl Products. “Plus, this confidence helps them make better health decisions down the road.”

To learn more about the Dot Girls campaign, see the campaign page at http://igg.me/at/the-dot-girl-first-period-kit/x/4598826.



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Dot Girl Products

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