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How do I Introduce My Daughter to Feminine Care Products?

Take a walk down the feminine care aisle of any drugstore and you’ll notice that the variety of feminine care products is overwhelming. Although your daughter probably won’t be doing her own shopping when she first starts her period, you’ll still want to educate her on what products will be right for her as a pre-teen girl and as she matures.

Start off by talking to your daughter about the different types of products that are available. The two of you can visit the website products pages for major brands together. There are different categories to match the desired level of protection. Detailed illustrations will also help demystify just what a feminine pad looks like. Remember that your daughter will most likely have light periods when she first starts, so thin pads or pantiliners may work best.

Girls are usually curious about tampons, but might be too shy to ask questions about how to use them. You may also have concerns about your daughter using tampons, including proper insertion and knowing how frequently they should be changed. Web sites like Young Women's Health have articles and drawings on how tampons are used and inserted, which will be helpful to review with your daughter.

It is also important to teach your daughter how to properly dispose of used feminine care products. Sanitary products – including tampons – should not be flushed down the toilet. Used product should be wrapped in a wrapper, toilet paper, or a disposal bag before being dropped into a waste basket.

Educating your daughter about the different feminine care products and their use will help her feel prepared and confident once she does start her period.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for informational purposes only, and are not intended as medical advice. For medical care and advice, you should consult your physician or health care provider on a regular basis. If you have any problem which concerns you, consult your physician immediately.