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Dot Girl Products™ Says Be Prepared for Early Puberty


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(Seattle, WA – November 1, 2011) – With the October 31st, 2011 issue of TIME Magazine, parents are once again reminded that puberty is coming early for young girls around the world.  Kathy Pickus -- co-founder of Dot Girl Products (www.dotgirlproducts.com) -- advises that parents should be prepared for this important milestone in a young girl’s life before the event happens.

With breast buds emerging for some young girls as early as seven or eight years of age, that first period is coming sooner than many parents or their daughters anticipate.  To be prepared, Pickus recommends that parents stock backpacks, gym bags or lockers with one additional item that would come in handy should that first period happen away from home.

The Dot Girl First Period Kit® offers everything a girl needs for her first period, including The Dot Girl Period Answer Book which is packed with frequently asked questions and answers about menstruation, five feminine pads, five disposal bags, one reusable heating pad, and two hand wipes.  Everything comes fashionably packaged in a discreet carrying case that can fit in a purse or backpack.   Purchases can be made from the company’s website at www.dotgirlproducts.com for $14.95 each with quantity discounts available to those who purchase six or more kits a time. Schools and non-profit organizations also enjoy preferred pricing upon proof of their non-profit status.

Kathy and Terri both experienced their own awkward introductions to puberty as young girls. They created The Dot Girl First Period Kit® to help other parents address the topic of menstruation with their children and pave the way for more graceful introductions to young womanhood.  Thanks to favorable reviews in national and regional media, The Dot Girl First Period Kit® has grown from a simple idea to one that is earning praise and awards, including the coveted Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA) Winner’s Seal of Approval.

"To date, our business has grown one online purchase and one favorable review at a time," Pickus said. "It's heartening to receive so many letters from moms and their daughters and even some dads, thanking us for creating a reason for their tweens to connect with them about this important time in their lives.  We know the way families approach talking about puberty can have a dramatic impact on how they communicate about a great many other matters throughout life.  That is why starting off right is important."

Tips to Educate Tween Girls about Menstruation:

Pickus says:

  • Don't leave it up to the schools and Internet websites to deliver the information.  Make time to connect with your daughter to talk about this important milestone, make sure she understands the information, and feels comfortable asking questions.
  • Share your own memories and experiences from this time in your life. Did you have any embarrassing moments?  Where were you when you started your first period? When did you buy your first bra?  Sharing your stories will help your daughter realize that she is not alone in this experience.
  • Ask other women in your family to share their stories which will provide a sense of family togetherness and will give your daughter an idea of how times have changed.  For example, girls today don't have to deal with the belt and napkin. It used to be that feminine hygiene products were not even advertised on TV.
  • Schedule a field trip with friends and their moms to the local drugstore to explore the feminine hygiene aisle.  Today, these products are displayed abundantly, just like shampoo and other personal care essentials.   A trip like this reinforces that these products are a normal part of life.
  • Remember to keep the lines of communication open and start early.

Being open and honest with your daughter when she is in her early years will lay the foundation important conversations to take shape as she grows older and has even more challenging questions and issues on her mind.  Try not to have one big talk.  Instead, slip in nuggets of information into normal everyday conversation.   And don't wait for your daughter to initiate the conversation because she may be too embarrassed to do so.

Dot Girl Products Inc.

Started in 2006 by two sisters, Kathy Pickus and Terri Goodwin, Dot Girl Products has welcomed favorable reviews and media attention for The Dot Girl First Period Kit® from CNN, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and a host of regional parenting magazines and mommy blogs worldwide.  The company distributes free “What’s Normal?” bookmarks to schools and non-profit organizations and welcomes requests to expand distribution about this important and timely information.  Learn more and purchase products to tween girls anticipating their first period at www.dotgirlproducts.com.