Before She Gets Her Period by Jessica Gillooly PhD

Before She Gets Her Period, by Jessica Gillooly PhD

Once a year, Dot Girl Products hosts a talk in Seattle for parents of girls and Jessica Gillooly has always been a popular speaker at the talk.  Jessica’s book, Before She Gets Her Period, is a must have for any parent wondering how she/he should prepare for their daughter’s first period – yes, there is a book for dads and even brothers.

The book is based on surveys and interviews that Jessica held with young women and their parents over the years.  For moms, there are exercises on remembering your own first period experience, gathering stories from your female relatives, and putting the stories into a format for a talk with your daughter.  Jessica stresses throughout the book that girls want to hear this information from their parents, even if you think your daughter might not be listening to you, she really is.

My take-away from the book was the realization that women are the same everywhere when it comes to periods.  Except in very rare medical instances, we will all have the ‘first period’ experience.  And your daughter needs to know that BEFORE she starts her period.

You may find Before She Gets Her Period at  Be sure and read the reviews, they all give this book a positive rating.