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Schools and Not For Profits

Dot Girl Products is dedicated to the mission of helping every girl have a positive first period experience. We applaud organizations that provide programs for young girls and schools - both private and public - that strive to provide health education for their students.

Product Discount

Effective January 1, 2024 Dot Girl is offering a discount of 30% on orders of six or more kits for non profit organizations and schools.  Shipping charges will be added based on distance and weight.  Please use the Contact Us page if you are interested in placing an order.

Dot Girl Period Calendar

Schools and non profits are welcome to print, copy and distribute the Dot Girl Period Calendar to girls to use as a teaching tool on how to track menstrual periods.

Click here to find the calendar.

'What's Normal?' Bookmarks

'What's Normal?' bookmark

We believe that the more accurate information a girl has about puberty and menstruation the better her chances are of growing into a confident, healthy woman. That’s why we’ve created the Dot Girl “What’s Normal?” Bookmark.

Available for FREE to qualified schools and non-profit organizations, the 'What’s Normal?' Bookmark is designed to dispel some of the fears that girls have around menstruation. It can also be used as a way to open up a dialog between girls and their parents who may find it difficult to broach the subject of menstruation.  Order through our Contact Us page.

If you wish further information please use our Contact Us page or call Kathy Pickus at 425-879-3995.