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The Dot Girl Blog has Moved!

We have moved the Dot Girl Blog!

Thank you for visiting the Dot Girl blog.  In order to bring you more timely news and a greater variety of information, new postings will only be found on the the Dot Girl Facebook page.  Our past blog postings will always be at this site for you to read and enjoy.

We will continue to focus on topics around raising tween girls and menstruation and look forward to hearing from you on Facebook in comments or through our ‘Contact Us‘ email page.  Happy 2016!

Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region

Our partners at the Women’s Health Foundation have released their new book Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region. Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region  The book is specifically aimed at tween girls and addresses topics that aim to establish life long pelvic health.  Topics include bladder and bowel health, menstruation, pelvic hygiene and even menopause!  Dot Girl Products is honored to be included as a resource in the menstruation chapter.  Needless to say, we highly recommend this book!

Dot Girl supports the mission of pelvic education by distributing the ‘Potty Pledge‘ in all of our shipping booklets.  We encourage you to read more about Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region.  Now also available as an eBook at

Dot Girl Products and Period View Partner To Help Girls Manage Periods

Dot Girl Products is excited to announce our new partnership with Period View™ to help girls manage their periods. Period View™ is a sophisticated calendar-based tool designed to help women of all ages keep track of their menstrual periods, fertile days, ovulation and predict upcoming periods. Period View™ is under the umbrella of Women’s View, a collection of websites and applications focused on supporting and educating women on health and reproductive wellness.

Period View Logo

The Period View™ website includes a Teen Corner featuring advice and information designed for teens. The Dot Girl First Period Kit® will be available for purchase through the Teen Corner Products Page.

As part of our partnership Period View™ bloggers will be contributing articles to the Dot Girl blog on topics including “Are Girls Going Through Puberty Earlier?”, “Pads vs. Tampons”, “First Time Tampon Use”, and “The Best Movies About Your Period”.

The free Period View™ app, available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Portuguese, may be downloaded from the following stores:

Period View App


Google Play:

We are excited about this new partnership with Period View™ and the opportunity to help young women manage their periods with confidence.  We encourage you and your daughter to check out the free app and all of it’s features.

The Dot Girl Warm Pad – New and Improved!

By popular request, the Dot Girl Warm Pad™ can now be heated in a microwave or in boiling water making it easier to use.  No more pesky metal disks to click in order to heat up the pad or problems returning the previous pad to liquid form.  As before, the new pad may be used as a warm or cold pad, which ever helps alleviate cramps.  Instructions on how to use the new pad are listed below.  We can’t wait for you to try the new Dot Girl Warm Pad™ as part of The Dot Girl First Period Kit®!

The Dot Girl Warm Pad

HEAT THERAPY – Place the pad in boiling water for up to 5 minutes or until desired temperature has been reached. Or heat in the microwave wrapped in a damp paper towel for no longer than 20 – 30 seconds.
COLD THERAPY – Put the pad in the freezer for up to 2 hours before usage.
CAUTION – Pad can be cleaned with a mild soap, detergent or alcohol. Do not place any heavy objects on pad. Discard pad if punctured. Do not swallow beads. Do not use on infants. Heating pad beyond the time stated above is not recommended and could lead pad to burst.

Daddys Not Dumb, Just Clueless – a book for single dads

Daddys_Not_DumbDot Girl Products is honored to be included as a resource in the new book Daddys Not Dumb, Just Clueless: A Guide for Single Dads of Little Girls by Matthew Sanford.

Daddys Not Dumb, Just Clueless, is a book about topics a single father may encounter while raising girls from birth to the tween years. Mr. Sanford, himself a single father, decided to write the book about ten years ago and began to research tasks on which he believed men might be challenged on including topics that he was and is challenged on and needed to know more about.

Men, either as single parents or married men at home with their children, are often alone to deal with the topics covered in each chapter of the book, with no reference, or anyone one to call upon for help. With easy to understand, easy to read, step by step guides and a cheat sheet at the end of each chapter, the book is laid out logically to make it easy to reference material. There is also an appendix with repeated sections that can be torn out to be used on excursions – like clothes shopping at the local mall.

Look for references to The Dot Girl First Period Kit and what to look for before a girl starts her period in the puberty section of the book.

Daddys Not Dumb, Just Clueless is available on in both a Kindle and paperback edition.

Dot Girl Supports Total Children’s Wellness Fair

Dot Girl Products is excited to be supporting the Total Children’s Wellness Fair held annually in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Dot Girl is providing The Dot Girl First Period Kit as giveaway prizes along with ‘What’s Normal?’ bookmarks for tween girls attending the event.  Interested in bookmarks for your event?  Please let us know through our Contact Us page.

Total Children's Wellness Fair

Teach Girls about Menstruation with Free Bookmarks

Dot Girl Products is dedicated to the mission of helping every girl have a positive first period experience. We applaud organizations that provide programs for young girls and schools – both private and public – that strive to provide health education for their students.

We believe that the more accurate information a girl has about puberty and menstruation the better her chances are of growing into a confident, healthy woman. That’s why we’ve created the Dot Girl ‘What’s Normal?’ bookmark.

Available for FREE to schools and non-profit organizations, the ‘What’s Normal?’ bookmark is designed to dispel some of the fears that girls have around menstruation. It can also be used as a way to open up a dialog between girls and their parents who may find it difficult to broach the subject of menstruation.

Contact Dot Girl Products owner Kathy Pickus at kathy@dotgirlproducts to order bookmarks which will be shipped free of charge.'What's Normal?' bookmarks from Dot Girl Products

Dot Girl Partners with Professional Leaders of Women and Girls Network

Dot Girl announces a new partnership with Professional Leaders of Women and Girls (PLWG) – a network of dedicated leaders working together to hone their skills and abilities for working with girls.

Founded by Kim Thomas, of Afro Puffs and Ponytails, the network is an online resource for business leaders to plan and execute programs that empower African American/black girls.  Business Partners support the network through promotion of activities for girls and leaders and social media outreach.

Dot Girl will be publishing articles on the PLWG website that educate girls about menstruation and offer suggestions on how leaders can integrate ‘period talk’ into programs.PLWG


Dot Girl Partners with Women’s Health Foundation

Dot Girl is excited to announce our new partnership with Women’s Health Foundation (WHF).  WHF is a nonprofit organization committed to improving women’s pelvic health and wellness.  A portion of the proceeds from all Dot Girl purchases will go to WHF’s research and development of evidence-based programming in schools and communities.

Jenifer Donatelli Ihm, WHF Outreach Educator and Program Developer, stated “I can’t think of a better way to help girls feel comfortable and prepared – even special – for that big day, their first period.  The Dot Girl First Period Kit is cool, cute, and educational.  I can’t wait to include it in my presentations to elementary and middle school girls.”. Dot Girl is honored to be part of WHF’s outreach in the community and to have their endorsement.

Potty Pledge by Women's Health FoundationDot Girl Products and Women’s Health Foundation are devoted to the pelvic health and wellness of all girls and women.  In support of that effort, Dot Girl will be including the WHF Potty Pledge postcard in our shipping boxes. The Potty Pledge is aimed at adolescent girls and lists proper bathroom habits. Tips listed on the book of the postcard include information on the proper way to wipe, how to position yourself on the toilet, tricks on completely emptying your bladder, the importance of drinking water, and how often to empty your bladder.

WHF will also soon be releasing a book for adolescent girls, Below Your Belt: How to Be Queen of Your Own Pelvic Region, building on the information they currently distribute through classes for adult women.  Dot Girl will be reviewing the book on this blog once it becomes generally available.

We urge you and your daughter to explore the Women’s Health Foundation website to find information, classes, and support for pelvic health and wellness.