Back to School Craft Ideas

Back to School Craft Ideas

Stone Soup Back to School

Hard to believe, but it is back to school time yet again.  And kids throughout the country are doing their usual complaining.  But school doesn’t have to be all that bad.  It’s definitely easier to see friends when everyone is in school.  The summer time boredom blues disappear with the start of school activities.  And every girl loves to do the annual back to school clothes shopping trip.  Plus there always seem to be fun new products for school supplies.

Just to make back to school time not so hard, I’ve done a little searching on Pinterest and come up with a few do-it-yourself school projects that will fit any budget.

Chalkboard Notebooks

This is a clever idea I want to do on every notebook I own.  Use chalkboard paint to turn the front cover of a notebook into a place to write reminders on the go.  Or draw a new picture every day to suit a mood.  Your kids will come up with many original ideas on what to paint and how to use their chalkboard notebooks.

Paper Embellished Clothespins

These clothespins help solve the problem of how to display children’s artwork without using scotch tape which always seems to tear the paper.  Each child in the family can make their own personalized set of magnetic clothespins so hanging their artwork will be even more special.  What a great way to decorate the refrigerator!

Notebook T-Shirt

What a fun and permanent way for kids to collect first day of school greetings.  A t-shirt that looks like a notebook.  Do one every year to remember new friends made on the first day of school.

Pocket Book

I’m going to guess every tween girl is going to want one of these pocket books to store her stickers.  A clever idea to keep pens and pencils handy too and a great way to use jeans that your kid has outgrown.

I’m sure there are plenty more creative ideas to make the first day of school fun.  Please share in the comments your ideas for us all to enjoy.