First Period Questions

First Period Questions

First Period Questions

We always seem to be asked the same questions about a girl’s first period whenever we are out and about.  We thought we’d compile a few of the questions and post the answers for all of our readers to see.  If you have any more questions, let us know through our ‘Contact Us‘ page or by commenting on this blog post.

At what age does a girl usually experience her first period?
A girl’s first period usually begins between the ages of 9 and 16. The average age is 12.5 years.

What are some signs that a girl is about to experience her first menstruation?
Girls develop through consistent stages of puberty starting with breast buds and pubic hair. A girl’s first period usually comes about two years after she first develops breast buds.

What are breast buds?
Breast buds are when the nipples are just beginning to elevate. The breast is not fully developed. The average age for breast buds is 10.5 years.

How much blood is there the first time?
A girl’s first few periods are usually light. She’ll lose about two to five tablespoons of blood over a period of two to eight days.

How severe will cramps be during the first period?
This varies from girl to girl. Cramps occur when the uterus contracts. Applying warmth (such as a heating pad) causes muscles to relax and can ease the discomfort. Other things that might help are massaging the abdominal area, taking a slow walk or enjoying a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Should I be worried if all the signs are there and she still hasn’t started her period?
Physically active girls, girls that are underweight or overweight, or girls experiencing significant stress may have delayed periods. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

When’s a good time to give a girl The Dot Girl First Period Kit®?
We recommend that a girl gets her first period kit three to six months prior to starting her first period. This gives her plenty of time to look through it, ask questions and gain the confidence to be ready in advance.