‘Gender Neutral’ Toys for Girls

‘Gender Neutral’ Toys for Girls

Toy manufacturers seem to finally realize that girls want toys that are a little more ‘boyish’.  With the emphasis on gender-neutral toys and the push for girls to have more support in exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) opportunities, there has been an explosion of new toys on the market.  I’ve done some research and come up with some of the latest and greatest toys you might want to consider for your daughter.

This list is in completely random order:

Does your daughter want to be a doctor?

In my day the game ‘Operation’ helped teach about the different organs of the body, now girls can explore with Squishy Human Body from SmartLabs.  With a true to life human body and removable organs, kids can see exactly what is under their skin without getting any blood on their hands.  An instruction book is included along with tweezers and forceps so kids can ‘operate’ with ease.

Does your daughter want to be an engineer?

Now admittedly, this toy is not ‘gender-neutral’ but it’s aim is to get girls interested in engineering so I’m allowing it on the list. Soon to be on the market – and funded by KickStarter – GoldieBlox is the new engineering toy for girls.  Goldie is the engineer and in her debut toy she builds a spinning machine for her dog Nacho to chase his tail.  The toy is receiving lots of press so I can imagine that you will soon see GoldieBlox in every little girl’s bedroom very soon.

Does your daughter want to be a builder?

Structures by KEVA is the best choice for getting your daughter interested in building.  Using the wooden blanks, a girl can build bridges, buildings, or whatever else she dreams up.  A book with structure ideas is included.  Keva has other toys too including MindWare KEVA Contraptions to challenge the girl who likes to play with chutes and ladders.

Does your daughter want to be a chemist?

75 unique experiments are included in the CHEM C1000 beginner’s chemistry set.  This chemistry set will allow your daughter to build a strong foundation in chemistry with experiments ranging from writing in invisible ink to testing air pressure and other weather phenomena.  Safety instructions are included and I’m sure your daughter would also love a lab coat and safety glasses to go along with the chemistry set.