Parenting is like Spring Gardening

Parenting is like Spring Gardening

Happy First Day of SpringToday is the first day of spring, although in the Pacific Northwest, we still seem to be struggling with winter.  There are daffodils sprouting in the garden and so we will celebrate spring anyway.  March 20th is also my oldest son’s birthday.  Aaron is now 26 years old, hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly.  I still remember being beyond nervous bringing him home as his Dad and I took on becoming parents of this precious little boy.

Now that I’m a wise mom of three adult children I thought I would take some time to reflect on what I have learned as a parent.

The #1 thing I have learned is that parenting changes as your children grow up.  The start of parenting is the grudge work of diaper changing and midnight feedings.  And it’s also the wait for the first smile, the first roll over, and the first step.

It continues to the first day of school, helping with homework, attending concerts in the school gym and before you know it, the first high school formal dance.  How different kids look in dress up clothes, you realize they are speeding towards adulthood.

Now that the kids are adults, parenting turns to advising on money management, health insurance, and sharing in the joys of their relationships.  Through it all, I feel blessed that my kids still turn to me for advice.  I hope that never changes.

The 2nd thing I have learned is to let go.  This was particularly hard with Aaron, the oldest.  I am also the oldest of my siblings and Aaron and I have similar temperaments.  I had to learn to trust his judgment over mine and then happily watch as his self-confidence rose when he made the right decisions.  Now he has the tools to be successful as he moves forward in life.

The 3rd thing I have learned is to enjoy the moment.  Kids grow up so fast, it’s hard to remember day to day happenings, so enjoy the day as it happens.  Now that the kids have left home, we don’t see the day to day happenings as much so we rely on phone and email.  No matter how you do it, staying in touch is important.

Parenting is like spring gardening, the most important thing is to enjoy your children as they grow!