5 Tips for using Lavender during Menstruation

5 Tips for using Lavender during Menstruation

Lavender Uses during Menstruation

Lavender blooming in my garden.

Summer time is my favorite season in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun is shining (mostly), there are dozens of art festivals to attend, and lavender is blooming in my garden.  As I enjoy the fresh scent and scour Pinterest for lavender craft projects, I started thinking about the healing properties of lavender and how those properties might help with menstruation complaints.

I did a little research and came up with a few lavender ideas that you and daughter might want to try during your menstrual periods:

1. Lavender flowers, whether fresh or dried, produce a wonderful soothing scent when crushed between your fingers.  Since relaxation is a good technique for relieving menstrual cramps, try crushing a few flowers and inhaling slowly. Think relaxing thoughts and conquer those cramps.

2. Lavender oil can be added to a nice warm bath for a relaxing pick me up and overall clean feeling during menstruation.  I keep lavender triple milled soap from Trader Joe’s stocked in my bathroom – another lavender treat for any time of the month.

3. Use fresh or dried lavender flowers to make a tea.  Add one heaping tablespoon of the flowers to a tea pot and then pour boiling water into the pot.  Infuse for about ten minutes.  What a fragrant way to relieve anxiety and stress and possibly reduce menstrual headaches.  Make lavender tea a part of your daily routine.  A nice ritual for you and your daughter to have some quiet time together.

4. Having trouble sleeping during your period?  Sprinkle lavender oil on your pillow before going to bed.  Or make a sachet filled with dried lavender flowers and tuck it into your pillowcase.

5.  And here is my favorite idea since I always would crave sweets during my period – bake some lavender cookies! Another great project for you and your daughter to do together.  Combine the cookies and the tea and you will probably find that tea break becomes the best part of your day.

If you need lavender for these projects, be sure and stop by my house during the summertime.  I will be happy to supply you!




4 thoughts on “5 Tips for using Lavender during Menstruation

  1. madison

    i haven’t gotten my period yet but i think i might soon and i just wanted some tips for when it does come because i want to be prepared during school

    1. Kathy Post author

      Hi Madison, Thanks for your comment. To be prepared for school, the best thing is to have some supplies with you in your backpack or locker. Fill a plastic sandwich bag with feminine pads and a pair of underwear. Maybe some hand wipes too. These are the basics for what you’ll need if you start at school.

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  3. Kathy Post author

    Hi Shonda,
    Thank you for your comment and your kind comments about the Dot Girl blog. I am very glad to hear from a reader. I was in Houston in Nov 2011 for the National Girl Scout Convention. I had a wonderful time and really loved the warm weather. Take care, Kathy

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