Celebrate Your Favorite Teacher!

Celebrate Your Favorite Teacher!

Today is National Teacher Day – a day to recognize the teachers in our life and those that teach our children.  Even though it has been years since I was in school, I still remember some of my favorite teachers.

Those was Sister Celine who taught my high school chemistry class.  She was well into her seventies during my junior year but was still imposing in her black and white habit.  She was very stern about doing things right and safely.  A good combination for a chemistry teacher.  Sister Celine would always remind us to use the right tools for every project.  To this day, I still remember that advice and have always used a hammer instead of my shoe to pound in nails.

In grade school, Miss Murphy was the favorite of all the kids.  In a small Catholic school full of strict nuns, she stood out for her fun loving ways and willingness to always play.  Miss Murphy was a classroom teacher, but also the P.E. teacher.  Athletic in her own right, she taught us the value of physical activity long before it was fashionable.  The kick ball games got very intense when she was involved.

We have lived in the same house for the past 21 years and our children attended the same schools and had the same teachers.  The kids were fortunate that they always had wonderful, caring teachers who year after year dedicated themselves to improving the skills of their students.  And as importantly, the parents were there to support the teachers and the schools.

With so much in the news about our failing schools, we have to remember that teachers are in the trenches every day with our kids.  And there are so many ways we can support them, from getting our kids to school on time and ready to learn, to helping with routine tasks in the classroom so the teacher can concentrate on actually teaching to supporting fundraising activities to purchase needed supplies.

We’ve all been touched by at least one great teacher, take a moment to remember him or her today and then take a minute to tell a teacher what a great job they are doing for our kids!